How Bitcoin Change The World (7 Ways) - Beginner's Guide

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How Bitcoin Change The World (7 Ways)

I explain the essential part of Bitcoin without technical terms. This article is for the entrance of Crypto World. Please enjoy.

How Bitcoin Change The World

The core innovation of Bitcoin is as follows:

Bitcoin enables to transfer of value on the internet without a centralized entity.

Today, a bank🏦 is a centralized entity that enables money transfers on the internet. But there is a problem.

Basically, the centralized entities will have great power, which causes various problems—for example, Unbanked, Higher Fees, and corruption.

But Bitcoin or Blockchain will solve these problems. Let me explain 7 examples.

  • (1) 🏦 Solve the Problem of Unbanked
  • (2) 💰 Lower the Fees of Money Transfer
  • (3) 🕵️ Bitcoin doesn't have a Corruption
  • (4) 🌎 Opportunities will Equalize Globally
  • (5) 👨‍💻 More options for E-commerce Website
  • (6) 🥷 More Secure Way against the Hackers
  • (7) 🏡 Faster the Real Estate Transactions

Let's dig in one by one.

(1) 🏦 Solve the Problem of Unbanked

There are many people who don't have a bank account.


It is 2.3 billion ( = 2,300,000,000).

However, most people can't imagine such a big number. So I will show the population of countries as an example.

Worldwide 7.9 billion 7,945,744,112
Unbanked 2.3 billion 2,300,000,000
China 1.44 billion 1,439,323,776
India 1.38 billion 1,380,004,385
America 331 million 331,002,651
Japan 126 million 126,476,461
Germany 83 million 83,783,942
Switzerland 8 million 8,654,622

It is too big to ignore, right? And that world was close to me. I explain it.

The Story of Unbanked in the Philippines

I started working in the Philippines🇵🇭 after graduating the college in Japan. And I was keenly aware of how I was so fortunate to be born in Japan.

Please look at the Photo below:

Cebu City Rich Poor

The image above is Cebu City in the Philippines. I've seen this scene so many times; Rich & Poor gap.

Some of my co-workers didn't have home addresses because they couldn't afford to buy/rent their houses. They live near the river without a home address. Needless to say, they are unbanked.

It was extremely shocking for me. And Japanese🇯🇵 people sometimes complain that Japan has terrible working conditions. I know it's partially correct. But what do you think about the circumstances of the new grad Filipino:

  • 💰 Monthly salary is below $500
  • 🏡 They don't have their house & bank
  • 🚌 1 hour to commute by jam-packed bus
  • 🏥 Of course, they don't have insurance
  • 🏫 Dropped out of college due to lack of funds (*Not All)

I can say that how BLESSED I am.

And probably, Crypto will solve these problems because most people have smartphones, which will serve as their bank without a need for centralized entities.

What's more, they can save their money in USD or other global stable currency. So it's absolutely great for people in countries where the currency is volatile.

(2) 💰 Lower the Fees of Money Transfer

This is the problem I've been struggling with on a regular basis.

I own my company in the UAE🇦🇪 and Malaysia🇲🇾, and I mainly live in Thailand🇹🇭 and occasionally in UAE. So my situation is rare, right?

As a result, the bank regards me as a high-risk customer. Here's an example of something that happened to me previously:

Notification Letter

The above is a letter from the bank informing me that my business account will be closed. I don't know why, and they don't explain in detail. And, in fact, I've had the same experience twice.

I'm living right, but they always suspect me. What's worse, the bank's transaction fee is really expensive, and the exchange rate is so bad.

I'm sure many people around the world struggle with the current situation.

A Story of Sending ETH to my Friend

I sent my ETH from Thailand to my friend in Japan the other day. Here is the receipt.


How convenient! This is absolutely the future. It takes more than an hour if I do it through the bank.

By the way, that transaction fee is $1.37 that is sent from Thailand🇹🇭 to Japan🇯🇵. Cheap and great! I can't tell a lie because the receipt is open and on the blockchain, which means no one can alter it.

It is so much better, right? I also think blockchain will improve the speed of the fiscal period. If I use blockchain on my business instead of the bank, it will optimize the fiscal period🧾

Some people may blame me regarding privacy (*Blockchain lacks privacy), but I don't care in my case. We have to share the information with my accountant and the others, anyways.

I prefer blockchain, and I think many others do as well.

(3) 🕵️ Bitcoin doesn't have a Corruption

The bank often has corruptions like so:

Dirty Money - Investigative of corporate corruption


I'm sorry, but I don't watch the movie. I will.

Anyway, the documentary investigates brazen acts of corporate greed and corruption. It's related to the bank, for sure. And, in fact, I have experience.

The Story of Bank Corruption

It was quite a long time ago, I had an experience where I was requested to pay the money under the table, and I did because I had no choice. I won't say much about this.

By the way, corruption was a daily occurrence when I was in the Philippines actually. For example, bribing the parking lot security guard👮‍♀️ is much cheaper than paying the regular fee.

There is corruption wherever there are people. It's the same with the government, right? On the other hand, Bitcoin/Blockchain is governed by code. The code and math are the law. So they don't have corruption.

No Corruption makes the Nation Stronger

The following facts are worth noting:


You can see that Hong Kong🇭🇰 has grown, right? But on the other hand, the second photo of Cuba's🇨🇺 economy appears to shrink.

So why is that happen? It's because of the corruption:

Corruption Ranking

Crypto will be great for the people who live in countries with high levels of corruption.

(4) 🌎 Opportunities will Equalize Globally

The world is absolutely unfair in this day and age.

I was born in Japan and could have succeeded. But how come I could succeed? The reason is as follows:

  • 🍀 Luck: 99% ( Born in the middle class in Japan )
  • 📚 Effort: 1% ( Worked for 10 years almost without day-off)

I believe this because I have a friend in the Philippines. Let me explain in the following sentence.

The Story of My Friend who went to Japan for work

She is my friend who grew up middle class in the Philippines. She went to work for a cleaning company in Japan after graduating from high school.

Her net income in Japan was around $900 per month at that time, and she had almost no days off. It was really surprising for me as a Japanese because her salary was under the legal minimum wage.

But she said the dormitory cost is automatically deducted from her salary. It's exploitation, in my opinion. However, they have no choice but to accept the condition.

Billionaires from the Poverty Area

Crypto has the potential to change the circumstances today:

I was surprised that the new grad in the Philippines had higher skills than me when I was working in the Philippines. And they work for 10 times less pay than I do.

So I was upset and decided that I had to learn skills as much as I could.

That experience increased my motivation, and then I could have succeeded. I was born in Japan, so I have far more opportunities than people in the Philippines.

People in the Philippines have fewer opportunities because of the unbanked, low salary, and limited companies that they can work for.

In my case, I could have received a large order from Japanese companies🏢, which pays me a lot. But people in the Philippines? Perhaps they can not. But, once again, see below:

Technology will change the money flow. You can work and earn everywhere if you have sufficient skills. So I guess we will see the billionaires from poverty areas in the near future.

(5) 👨‍💻 More options for E-commerce Website

More options for E-commerce Website

According to Chris Dixon, a general partner at a16z, the E-commerce Website has the following issue:

“Let’s say you sell electronics online. Profit margins in those businesses are usually under 5 percent, which means conventional 2.5 percent payment fees consume half the margin.

That’s money that could be reinvested in the business, passed back to consumers or taxed by the government. Of all of those choices, handing 2.5 percent to banks to move bits around the Internet is the worst possible choice.

Another challenge merchants have with payments is accepting international payments. If you are wondering why your favorite product or service isn’t available in your country, the answer is often payments.”

We can solve these problems using Crypto.

What's more, we have another problem: credit card decline💳. For example, I lived abroad and provided my online service to Japanese customers.

Credit card declines are very common in this situation. However, there are no credit card declines with Crypto. It also reduces transaction fees. There are only benefits.

Objection: Bitcoin is too volatile to use

Someone might argue that Bitcoin is too volatile to use.

Yes, I agree with that. But here is the solution; Stablecoin. So, in short, we can use Digital US dollars🇺🇸 on a blockchain network.

As a result, there is no volatility. If this gets mass adoption, then USD will dominate the currency markets. In any case, it's much better than the credit card payment today.

(6) 🥷 More Secure Way against the Hackers

Storing all data on a central server increases security risks. On the other hand, bitcoin or blockchain technology decentralizes the database.

Bitcoin has been running non-stop for 13 years with no financial loss, making it the most reliable and secure financial network in the world.

There are lots of stories to consider when it comes to central servers.

Hackers leak names of ‘Freedom Convoy’ donors

Hackers leak names of ‘Freedom Convoy’ donors

GiveSendGo, a social crowdfunding platform, was targeted by hackers after raising millions of dollars for a “Freedom Convoy.” As a result, the personal information of over 92,000 donors is leaked.

And here is what happened:

It is probably worth noting all of these people, from the donors to the hacker to the press, are now getting death threats.

We can not support the protests without worry. It's a big problem for freedom and democracy.

2014 Celebrity Nude Photo Leak

Some of you know about that, but here is the story:

On August 31, 2014, a collection of almost 500 private pictures of various celebrities, mostly women, with many containing nudity, were posted on the image board 5chan.

The images were initially believed to have been obtained via a breach of Apple's cloud services suite iCloud. Apple claimed in a press release that access was gained via spear phishing attacks.

That is a phishing attack, so it's not related to the security risks. But I think we should remember that incident.

Most people think "Photo folder = Safe," but it's not true. Unfortunately, this type of incident will become more common as hacking becomes more sophisticated.

There is no perfect solution, but it is better not to rely on the central servers and save your data by yourself makes your security higher.

The Keybasse app, for example, encrypts messages end-to-end, so only you and your conversation partners can read them. This type of app is not widely used, but I think it has potential in the future.

(7) 🏡 Faster the Real Estate Transactions

Faster the Real Estate Transactions

This is a bit off-topic, but Crypto will innovate the real estate industry🏢

The problem with real estate transactions is it's extremely slow. Why can't we buy/sell real estate on the internet quickly?

Blockchain technology will solve the problem. I think it's beneficial for the owner of properties because increasing the liquidity will increase market participation.

That being said, it takes time to implement because the government matters. I guess UAE🇦🇪 will adopt it faster than the other countries. The state is promoting Crypto on a national scale.

Private Blockchain & Public Blockchain

What's more, we will see our Passport and Resident Card on the blockchain in the near future, which will recede the cost and make it easy to maintain.

But I think it's not a public blockchain (ex: Bitcoin network, Ethereum network). It will be a private blockchain. Bitcoin network and Ethereum network are open, but they will be semi-closed in the case of state-backed blockchain.

Summary: How Bitcoin Change The World

Okay, here is the summary:

  • (1) 🏦 Solve the Problem of Unbanked
  • (2) 💰 Lower the Fees of Money Transfer
  • (3) 🕵️ Bitcoin doesn't have a corruption
  • (4) 🌎 Opportunities will Equalize Globally
  • (5) 👨‍💻 More options for E-commerce Website
  • (6) 🥷 More Secure Way against the Hackers
  • (7) 🏡 Faster the Real Estate Transactions

That's it. Thanks for reading.

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