Roadmap to Learn Crypto for Free - Beginners Guide

Hi, I'm Manabu.
I tweeted like below the other day:

I will create a Roadmap to Learn Crypto.

✨ The Goal of the Roadmap

  • Spread the Easy-to-Read Information of Crypto to the World
  • We don't chase the Trending Information. Focus on the Basics
  • It's not just Media, but I will create a Community for Learning

Crypto info is difficult to understand, and we don't know where to start. If you Google it, then there are so many affiliate articles. Not good.

🙅‍♂️ The Common Problem of the Most People

The problem is they started learning without the basics.

For example, NFT is trending these days, but it's not the fundamentals. You may wonder why many people are excited about NFT.


Besides, it's getting boring to chase trending NFT information, isn't it? NFT is a part of the leaf🍃. The Roadmap explains the tree trunk🌲

*Quick Note: We will not be covering the Crypto math in this tutorial. Instead, we focus on the big picture and the fundamentals.

🙆‍♂️ The Future You can Achieve with the Roadmap

  • Grab the Next Opportunities using the Knowledge of Crypto
  • Develop your Skills to Protect and Build Assets for the Future

History is already changing. Do you notice about that?

For example, BAYC NFTs has sold $320 million per day in its Metaverse. This is the highest daily sales record per day in human history.

Their marketing skill is completely genius, in my opinion. The Roadmap will teach you everything you need to know about it.

🚜 Note: The Roadmap is under Construction

Cryptocurrency is rapidly evolving but not yet completed. I'm learning every day and sharing the knowledge with you.

Also, I will add a community feature in the near future. It's not just Media. But the place for learning each other.

*I'm creating the first article now. Just a moment, please. I will update it on my Twitter. Thanks😌