Everything Is Fucked【人間=クソだ、という価値観を学べる本】



Emotional problems can only have emotional solutions.




When someone harms us, our immediate reaction is usually "He is shit, and I am righteous." But if we're not able to equalize and act on that righteousness, our Feeling Brain will believe the only alternative explanation: "I am shit, and he is righteous."





The only true meaning in existence is the ability to form meaning.




Power emerges from the ability to manipulate and process information, and we always end up worshipping whatever has the most power over us.






The sources of hope that give our lives a sense of meaning are the same sources of division and hate. The hope that brings the most joy to our lives is the same hope that brings the greatest danger. The hope that brings people closest together is often the same hope that tears them apart. Hope is, therefore, destructive. Hope depends on the rejection of what currently is.


Hope for nothing. Hope for what already is—because hope is ultimately empty. Anything your mind can conceptualize is fundamentally flawed and limited and therefore damaging if worshipped unconditionally. Don't hope for more happiness. Don't hope for less suffering. Don't hope to improve your character. Don't hope to eliminate your flaws.

Hope for this. Hope for the infinite opportunity and oppression present in every single moment. Hope for the suffering that comes with freedom. For the pain that comes from happiness. For the wisdom that comes from ignorance. For the power that comes from surrender. And then act despite it.



The pursuit of happiness is a toxic value that has long defined our culture. It is self-defeating and misleading. Living well does not mean avoiding suffering; it means suffering for the right reasons. Because if we're going to be forced to suffer by simply exist-ing, we might as well learn how to suffer well.


Will you engage it? Will you engage your pain or avoid your pain? Will you choose fragility or anti-fragility? Everything you do, everything you are, everything you care about is a reflection of this choice: your relationships, your health, your results at work, your emotional stability, your integrity, your engagement with your community, the breadth of your life experiences, the depth of your self-confidence and courage, your ability to respect and trust and forgive and appreciate and listen and learn and have compassion. If any of these things is fragile in your life, it is because you have chosen to avoid the pain.


My Feeling Brain is like a goddamn chimpanzee who just drank a bottle of tequila and then proceeded to jerk off into it. Therefore, I'd say that "give the people what they want" is a pretty low bar to clear, ethically speaking.


» Everything Is F*cked: A Book About Hope (Mark Manson)

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