Reason why to Learn English [Answer: To Make Your Life Easy]

Hi, I'm Manabu.
I tweeted like below the other day:

✍️ Translation: The First Tweet

There is no doubt that the number of businesspeople who go abroad will increase considering the fact that market structure, population decline, and weaker yen.

As a bad analogy, it's a sinking ship. If you want to want to stay in Japan, You have to create a business that can challenge the world, but it's too difficult. I chose an easy way, which is to learn English and go abroad.

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Of course, you can make money in Japan by working in a niche business, which is no problem. That being said, I would prefer to work in growing markets rather than declining markets because it's easy.

For example, You can start a profitable business in Dubai, in my opinion. Considering the fact that you can learn English for 2~3 years, it is high productivity to learn it as we will work more than 60 years.

This article explains the details of the above.

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Table of Contents

  • 1. Why to Learn English [To Make Your Life Easy]
  • 2. How to Learn English [Tips from my Experiences]

1. Why to Learn English [To Make Your Life Easy]

In a nutshell, English makes your life easy. Why does it happen? Let me explain it based on my experiences.

Things I've Learned from my Failure in the Philippines

I started working in the Philippines🇵🇭 after I graduated a college in Japan. I decided to do that because I thought it became a good experience.

worked in the Philippines

*I am at the bottom right. I was a new grad but was a recruiter.

However, I quit the company after 11 months because I was young at that time and realized that I could come back if I failed.

The result of my challenge?
I failed my startup in the Philippines.

I worked around 12 hours per day without any day off. No salary. I sometimes couldn't sleep because of anxiety. Despite the fact that I worked as hard as I could for two years, my efforts did not pay off.

The Reason Why I Failed in my Startup

Because I didn't take a count of the timing.

Your effort will not pay off even if you put in a lot of effort. You might be able to make some money, but it will be small.

I was having a study abroad agency and managing web media to attract customers at that time. However, the competitor was extremely strong, and I didn't have any advantages in winning them. They have cash, history, and trust. I had nothing.

Came back to Japan, then made $150,000/year

I lost many things after the failure of my startup: money, friends, and a house. Nothing left except for the lawsuit.

I can say it now that It was a great experience. By the way, I had a lawsuit the other day. But completely, I have no damage because the failure of my past made me stronger. It's good🙆‍♂️

The Reason for Rapidly Revival in Japan

Because I took a count of the timing.

It was a time when the technology of WordPress was spreading to rural areas in Japan. So I only focused on that. I copied the business model of the companies, which was well-known and profitable at that time.

But after 2 years, I quit the client work because that makes the client rich, not me🙅‍♂️💰

I became a blogger

Then I decided to become a blogger by applying what I would learn while working for digital marketing clients.

After that, I made more than $2 million in revenue from my blog. The timing is the major reason for my success.


*I was interviewed by afb, one of the biggest affiliate marketing companies in Japan.

That was a time when the Japanese government announced that they started promoting Japanese people to start a side business to increase the opportunities of getting a new source of revenue.
*Here is the article I had written at that time.

When the government launches a new promotion, it is a good time to start a business along with it. You can see the same thing is happening in the Crypto and Web3 industry. Of course, I choose the fields to work in.

Why should You Learn English Now?

Let's get back on topic. Again, English makes your life easy.

I don't want to compete with big companies because it's tough and make a small portion of money despite the fact that you are working so hard.

As I said earlier, I could not win the relatively big companies when I was in the Philippines. I worked 12 hours per day. It never paid me off.

The possibility of finding the right timing and right place will increase if you study English. English skills will widen your options🌎

Idea: Business Chance in Dubai

I can say that I can create a profitable business in Dubai. Every time I go there, I feel keen about that. For example, you can open a Japanese supermarket in Dubai🇦🇪, and then you probably be able to make more than $10,000/month.


*Dubai hotels are higher than the clouds.

Actually, I know a Japanese supermarket there, which lines up the frozen food from Japan. The price is a bit expensive, but I buy there every time because I have no choice. There is only one Japanese supermarket in Dubai, as far as I know.

✍️ Note: The key point is the "frozen food."

The demand for Japanese food in Dubai is not so high, but there is. So the owner of the Japanese supermarket decided to line up the frozen foods which are not spoiled, meaning it's easy to control the inventory.

I can provide additional examples of business opportunities in Dubai. It is not only in Dubai but also in Thailand🇹🇭, Malaysia🇲🇾, and Singapore🇸🇬, where the place I sometimes visit. But I don't explain to them because they are off the topic.

Anyone Can Startup Own Business

I can say that you can start up your business even if you are no skills.

Top companies around the world have been created by geniuses. For example, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, or Jeff Bezos.

However, 99.999% of businesses are created by someone who took action in the right place and right timing with an effort.

Of course, I'm not a genius, but I can make money for a living by myself because I always consider the timing and place. I don't focus on my ego. I focus on the market demand.

Okay. That's it for the first half. Again, English makes your life easy. It's better to find a place you may be able to win rather than compete with people or companies without having your advantage.

*How to find a good place of winnable? It's a different story. So I will create an article in the near future. Please follow me on Twitter if you want to get an update.

2. How to Learn English [Tips from my Experiences]

How to Learn English [Tips from my Experiences]

First of all, you keep studying English forever, in my opinion. So it’s important that you don't push yourself too hard, which will cause exhaustion.

To make a fool of myself in public, it took more than 30 minutes to read an English article(like this) last year[2021].

But I can read it in less than 3 minutes right now. It's 10x productivity. English is just a language. So everyone can learn that🙆‍♂️

Integrate English into Daily Life

You don't need to push yourself to learn English. Instead, simply integrate it into your daily life.

I have integrated English into my life like so:

  • 📚 Read English News every day
  • 🎮 Enjoy Favorite PC Games in English
  • 🎧 Listen to Podcasts in English with Fun
  • ✍️ Start Blogging in English [2 posts per week]
  • 📱 Change the Language Settings of my Phone
  • 👨‍👩‍👦 Start Posting Info in English on Social Media
  • 🎥 Watch my Favorite YouTuber with Subtitle

You definitely feel exhausted the first time. But gradually you will be used to it, which takes more than 5 months though.

Anyway, that's why I told you that you should not force yourself too hard. You should find the pace you fit. That's the key.

Going Abroad is also Important

How do you keep your motivation to learn English without meeting foreign people or experiencing a foreign culture?

I live in Thailand🇹🇭, for example, and there are so many Thai people who can speak English fluently. Or rather, most people in the high society can speak English. It is quite common.

It's the same in UAE. I met a banker from India🇮🇳, for example, and of course, can speak English very fluently. He worked in Singapore before coming to UAE.

Every time when I meet people like that stimulates my motivation and sense of danger. Not being able to speak English fluently is a shame for me. I never get this feeling if I never go abroad.

My Recommendation: Study English in the Philippines

I lived in the Philippines for 4 years, and definitely, I can say that the Philippines is a great country to begin learning English. The reason is as follows:

  • 💰 Low Cost of Living & Extremely Friendly People
  • 🇵🇭 English is the Official Language in the Philippines
  • 🏫 Almost all Schools provide One on One Lessons

However, Covid🦠 was a complete disaster for the Philippines. There are so many people who work in the tourism industry, but almost all companies have no choice but to stop their business. They could not do that without tourists.

Fortunately, the Philippine economy is recovering and returning to normalcy. That being said, I'm sure most people are afraid of going abroad these days.

So, I will ask a friend who lives in the Philippines about the local situation soon, and I will write an article about it. I am hoping that my article will encourage someone to study in the Philippines🇵🇭


*My friends in the Philippines. Actually, too much fun to study.

If you want to know the latest information about the Philippines, please follow me on Twitter. I will update it on Twitter soon and update the article as well.

Okay. That's it for my blog. Thanks for reading. I will continue to take on challenges continuously to make my life easy:

Update: May 6, 2022