How to learn English and Crypto at the same time - My Decision

Hi, I'm Manabu.
This article is for English learners.

Table of contents

  • 1. How to learn English and new technology at the same time
  • 2. Should we wait for auto-translation instead of learning English?

✍️ Notes (Before Reading): My English is not perfect, and many people speak English better than I do. However, I think I can provide valuable information in learning English and new technologies at the same time.

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1. How to learn English and new technology at the same time

How to learn English and new technology at the same time

I will explain the following:

  • (1) How to study English
  • (2) How to study new technology

(1) How to study English

In short, continue to learn about your favorite topics in English.

The reason is simple. You can't continue to study without any interest. Learning English is lifelong learning. Your curiosity is the key. Let me share a personal story with you.

A story of a flight attendant.

I met her in the UAE🇦🇪. She works for Emirates Airlines and is fluent in English. When I met her, I thought, "oh, I envy her because her English is far better than mine. She must not study English anymore. It's enough".

However, the reality is different; she is still learning.

"I study English for at least an hour every day." she said. Then, I realized that someone who has superior skills is someone who studies them on a regular basis.

For example, I know about digital marketing. I began learning in 2012, but I am still learning (2022). You can't master something. Instead, you can be better at something if you continue to study it.

What if I have no English skills at all?

Someone might say, "I agree with that. But I don't have enough English skills to learn my favorite topics in English."

I understand your situation. Every English learner starts from there. The following is my advice:

  • STEP1. Study the basics (Vocabulary & Grammar)
  • STEP2. Study abroad (I recommend the Philippines)
  • STEP3. Learn your favorite topics in English

The fastest way of learning English is studying abroad, in my opinion. I attended a language school in the Philippines🇵🇭 for six months. I've learned the basics there, and I no longer have any difficulties with basic English.


But keep in mind that you can not learn English unless you first understand the fundamentals. It is the same with your native language. How do you teach a language to someone who knows nothing about it?

I strongly recommend you to study vocabulary and grammar before studying abroad. For Japanese learners, for example, I recommend DUO3.0 to learn vocabulary. For grammar, buy a junior high school level book and then go abroad to study. After that, continue to study your favorite English topics.

How many hours should I study?

Obviously, there is no answer. But here is an example:

  • Beginner: 180-200 hours
  • Intermediate: 350-400 hours
  • Upper Intermediate: 500 – 600 hours
  • Advanced : 700 – 800 hours
  • Proficiency: 1000 – 1200

Again, we don't know the answer, and it depends on the person. But you can achieve 1000 hours for two years by studying English for two hours every day. I think it's acceptable.

(2) How to study new technology

There are two important things to learn about new technology:

  • (1) Learn the Basics
  • (2) Learn from Trends

Let's begin with the latter.

(2) Learn from Trends

The majority of people are constantly reading the most recent News. But, in my opinion, it is not that important. My question is, do you know the basics?


Trending News is just like a leaf🍃. There are so many leaves on the tree. You can not count everything.

On the other hand, the basic is just like a tree trunk🌲. As you can see from the photo above, there is only one tree trunk, right? There are many trending News in this day and age, but there are only a few key points to remember.

It's ok to learn the trending News depending on your curiosity. However, if you want to improve your learning productivity, I recommend starting with the basics.

(1) Learn the Basics

I am really into Crypto. So I use it as an example. The core concepts of Crypto are blockchain and decentralization, in my opinion.

As you know, there is so much pump-and-dump News related to NFTs these days. Of course, You can chase this type of News, but I don't. Instead, I focus on learning the basics from the guys just like below:

These guys above are early contributors to the crypto industry.

You can find these people in your favorite industry and then read everything they have written. It's the best way to learn the basics, I think. By the way, If you are interested in Crypto, I highly recommend reading:

It's much better to read all the articles that can learn the basics rather than reading trending news randomly.

Additional information on English learning

I watch YouTube, read the News, and read tweets to study English. However, the difficulty is entirely different. The following is an example:

  • YouTube: ★☆☆☆☆
  • News:     ★★☆☆☆
  • Twitter: ★★★★★

I recommend you to start with YouTube and News.

Because YouTube has a subtitle. Also, people don't use difficult words when they speak. It's the same with your native language, right?

For example, I like The Block Crypto, which has short sentences and is easy to understand. Also, Bankless - YouTube is good. Furthermore, I enjoy CoinDesk, which is a bit more difficult but has some interesting articles.

On the other hand, Twitter is good for chasing the trending News, but the there is difficult for English beginners.

What I am trying to say here is don't give up learning your favorite topics in English. Sometimes it feels like it's too much difficult for you. In that case, changing the news media or YouTube channel may be a good solution.

*It takes sooo much time to read English news. However, it will pay off in the long run. Because English provides access to a wide range of information. It is really worth learning to improve your life.

2. Should we wait for auto-translation instead of learning English?

Should we wait for auto-translation instead of learning English?

This chapter explains auto-translation🤖

Someone might think, "why don't you just wait for the auto-translation. It allows anyone to speak English without studying the language".

Yes, it's true. However, there is a pitfall.

No one hires the people who use auto-translation

I sometimes go to the UAE🇦🇪. There are so many people around the world who come to work in the UAE. Needless to say, they are all fluent in English. They have no choice but to study English for a living.

Someone reading this article may have a privileged environment where you can work in your country and make a living without any difficulties. However, will it last forever?


USD/JPY chart

I'm from Japan🇯🇵 and am concerned about my country's future. Unfortunately, the value of the JPY is plummeting, and people in Japan are losing hope for the future.

It's possible that many Japanese will go to China and work there as factory workers.

Of course, most Japanese will disagree, but I believe it is possible if the Japanese economy continues to worsen.

Someone with English skills can work in English-speaking countries with a relatively higher salary. Someone who does not speak English at all, on the other hand, is entirely dependent on the Japanese economy.

If you are under the age of 50, I think it is time to consider studying English to widen your future options.

Switching countries like rental servers

@IHayato, a Japanese influencer in Crypto , stated that "we can switch the countries we live in just like rental servers." I agree with that opinion. Someone may criticize that opinion, but it's the right choice of survival strategy.

When I was in the UAE, for example, I met a taxi driver from Pakistan🇵🇰, saying:

"I will have an interview next week. Then, if I pass, I can work in Canada".

It may sound exaggerated, but their lives are more stable than ordinary Japanese who can't speak English because they can switch the countries just like rental servers.

They work in the UAE as long as they are paid well. However, the UAE's economy appears to be sluggish and entering a recession, then people to relocate countries with higher wages. The primary difference between Pakistanis🇵🇰 and Japanese🇯🇵 is English skills.

Time spending = Investing

I've decided that I use pretty of time to study English. The reason is that it has a high ROI (Return on investment), in my opinion.

If we have English skills:

  • 💰 Many opportunities to work in English-speaking countries
  • 👬 Many opportunities to meet and hang out with people worldwide
  • 📚 Plenty of materials and schools offering their services in English

You have your choice where to invest your time.

Again, I decided on my mind to learn English. And also, I study Crypto. I guess this decision will create a high ROI (Return on investment) in my life.

How do you spend your time? Your decision makes your life. I want to make my life easier and more enjoyable. That is why, based on the ROI, I choose English and Crypto.

That's it. Thanks for reading my blog. I'm on Twitter and posting information about Crypto and new lifestyle. If you have any interest, please check my tweet. Thanks!