To get the results of knowledge, the first step is to leverage what others know. But the ultimate goal is to identify knowledge that is unique to you, and build on it,







現在は「コミュニティ × ブログ発信」で実験をしており、このノウハウを作っていけるのは僕だけ。ここを実行しつつ、まだ最終ゴールは明確じゃないですが、考えつつ行動していきます。

if I write for two hours I can produce two Pages. But if I write for four hours I can produce three pages. The rate of output is slowing down. More effort at this point should be questioned.



When faced with task that felt impossibly hard, she would ask, "Is there an easier way?"


essential work can be enjoyable once we put aside the Puritan notion that anything worth doing must entail backbreaking effort


ここも重要。 よくある勘違いは、新しいビジネスを作るときに難しく考えすぎること。ビジネスの基本は掛け合わせなので、新しいものを作っているように見えても、実は「過去の掛け合わせ」だったりする。

Being asked to do X isn't a good enough reason to do Y.





when you can say these four little words, "I trust your judgment"-and mean them-it's like magic. Team members feel empowered. They take a risk. They grow. Trust is strengthened. And then it tends to spread.






» Effortless: Make It Easier to Do What Matters Most


trying too hard makes it harder to get the results you want. 頑張りすぎることで目標達成の難易度を高めている。持続可能なペースが大切

For example, the other day I was tidying up my office. As I scanned the room I saw an old printer we had recently replaced. It had been sitting on my office floor for a couple of weeks. Still, every time I looked at it I thought of all the steps required to deal with it: deciding whether to keep or discard it, checking the costs of replacing the color ink. However, this time I asked, "What if this could be easy?" I then looked up from my desk and happened to see one of the building workers through the window of my office. I walked outside and asked if he wanted the printer for free. He said yes, and took it. The problem was solved within two minutes of asking the question.

After I complain I will say something I am thankful for. The moment I started applying this recipe, I was shocked to realize how much I was complaining

We hire a grudge to protect ourselves. We think that by being wary of the person or people who hurt us once, we can protect ourselves from being hurt again. We think the grudge creates emotional armor. But this too turns out to be a scam. The grudge makes us more vulnerable, more fearful. It becomes harder to trust, to let anybody in.

"Hire slow, fire fast? It is a good rule of thumb for growing a business

Studies show that peak physical and mental performance requires a rhythm of exerting and renewing energy-and not just for athletes. In fact, one study found that the best-performing athletes, musicians, chess players, and writers all honed their skills in the same way: by practicing in the morning, in three sessions of sixty to ninety minutes, with breaks in between パフォーマンスを高めるのは「実行 → 休憩」のサイクルは必要。プロのアスリートは「午前中に行動しており、そのサイクルは60~90分」で組み立てられている

when you have an important project to deliver, take sixty seconds to close your eyes and actually visualize what it would look like to cross it off as done

What are the minimum steps required for completion?

if you want to 'build a better airplane, don't try to get everything exactly right the first time. Instead, embrace the rubbish "no matter how ugly it is" so you can crash, repair, modify, and redesign fast. It's a far easier path for learning, growing, and making progress on what's essential.

going too fast at the beginning will almost always slow us down the rest of the way 最初に加速しすぎると、結局は後半でスローダウンする。追いつきたいなら頭を使うべき。

Slow is smooth. Smooth is fast

"If you look closely at how elite infantry move, it looks like this: somewhere between a walk and a run

this cycle of sprint-and-recover may seem fast in the moment, but long-term progress through the environment is slow and plagued by unidentified threats

in learning how one Essentialist applied the ideas, I was inspired to start a new practice. Every day I leave my home office, I call out the time I leave. I am like a town crier. "It's 5:01 P.M.!" I do it loud. I do it for fun. But I also do it for my own accountability: to live what I am teaching.

» Effortless: Make It Easier to Do What Matters Most

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