The Relationship Handbook: 人間の感情を哲学的に観察している本

僕が尊敬する「Derek Sivers氏」がオススメしていた本です。





Everyone feels a different negative feeling in a low mood. When I’m down I feel rushed. Helen feels angry.

I’ve judged her and looked down on her because I didn’t understand her. I’m a little embarrassed that I gave her such a rough time.


また感情が荒い時には意思決定をしないこと (例:別れる決断など) 。


The best way to help a person in a low mood is to be understanding and overlook the effect mood has on his or her behavior.

“If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all,” is part of the key to relationship riches, but not all.

If you try to coax him out of it, you are likely to end up in a low mood yourself. --> Note: I realized that it's better to company with my wife as I'm spending time with my male friends

We forget our problems and start being happy together. --> Note: This is the best solution to maintain warm relationship. Too simple, but true.

When we realize that emotions are just more thoughts, they lose their power to distort our lives and distress us. Like other thoughts, they will pass. When we stop thinking them, they die.

When negative emotions occupy your mind, quiet your thinking until they pass.




People make a commitment in order to enjoy someone or something --> Note:The more commit, the more you feel intimate.

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